Gone Again.

Hey there,

So I can’t be bothered doing a weekly comic any more. There’s other stuff I’m working on and I believe Bleak Wit has served its purpose for me.

I still want to have a book out eventually so I guess I’ll do that at some point and stock in some places.

I’ll probably still do some Bleak Wit every now and then, it’s still something I enjoy doing just not on a weekly basis any more.

I’ve made another blog it’s http://nothingintime.blogspot.com.au/ and it’s where I’m going to put things up I’m working on and feel like doing, there will probably be some Bleak Wit there occasionally if I think of something good.

Bye for now, not for always.

Georgia Quinn


The Last of Em’


Hello friends and fans!

Bleak Wit has moved to Blogspot.

All new posts will now be found here http://bleakwit.blogspot.com.au/

I hope you’re not too upset by this change and that you will be able to carry on as usual. If however you feel a need to burst into an unprecedented fit of despair, I would completely understand.

Kind regards,

Georgia Quinn

The Flu

People Get Angry

For Lease